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Whitewash Studio was established in 2016, Since then we have worked on some truly amazing projects, ranging from the single centre piece, to full Armies.

At Whitewash we provide two standards of painting, Table Top Ready and Advanced Standard, with a discount on Army sized projects.

If you have a collection already, and you want your new kits to replicate your existing paint job, this is something we can work with you to achieve.

The Artist Behind Whitewash Studio

My name is Rich, I am a dedicated painter of Table top Wargames Miniatures. I have been painting professionally for 9 years, winning a few best painted along the way. I aim to work with you, to get your vision on your Miniatures. No project is too big or small.

Miniature Assembly

Not keen on building miniatures or find that you don’t have the time? We can do that for you.

Tabletop Ready

Have a budget or just looking for your miniatures to look good on the table? Then our Tabletop Ready service is for you!

Advanced Standard

The Advanced Standard tier will give you the grimdark aesthetic, war torn and used, with focus on texture, weathering, and effects.

Beyond Terrain

Fundamental to most systems the table top wargamer requires a suitable battle field, contact us for effective terrain painting.

The Archives


astra militarum army

Astra Militarium

German ss winter for Bolt Action

Winter SS

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