Advanced Standard

Advanced Standard is by far our most popular standard and style of commission. We focus on the grime dark aesthetic, with it battle worn and dirty.

With Advanced standard, we use only the best products to give you fantastic results, we will be aiming for the grim dark aesthetic, this also works on historical models, as scale models is where this kind of detailing was first used. Pigments, oils, and the messy stuff, heralds some of the nicest models the studio produces.

With this level of work you would be expecting to see more detail work on faces and skin, stressed leather and a more natural shading, ephasising the shadows and playing with colour saturation. We use real life referance for this standard, its all around you.

No Stage Unmissed

Advanced standard is as the name suggests, with a huge amount of steps taken to get to a finished model, we work from a work sheet to ensure that your project not only comes to completion in a timely manner, with the chemicals and products cured, leaving the results able to stand the tests of time, and still look the same for years to come.